Precision Evidence Matrix

– an Easy Way to Find Clinical Relevance

When looking for clinical relevance in Evidence-based Medicine, it is essential to look for relevant findings AND the trial's design and execution – what we call the method.

A clinical trial's findings are not answering if the treatment works but analyzes data collected in the trial.

So for having clinical relevance, we need trials with a suitable method and relevant findings.

If the method is flawed, we must be cautious in trusting the findings, even if they are reasonable. The same goes for an adequate and relevant method but not relevant results.

Clinical Relevance

Here we present a graphic presentation of an easy way to get an overview of the clinical relevance. It is a 2 x 2 matrix with a horizontal line representing the method's appraisal and a vertical line representing the results' appraisal. Both are going from low to high.

 Place your evaluation of the method and the results in the matrix to see the clinical relevance.

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